Wei Zhe Ming

Wei Zhe Ming

Nama: Wei Zhe Ming Nama Asli: 魏哲鸣 Kewarganegaraan: Chinese Jenis Kelamin: Male

Wei Zhe Ming (English name: Miles), born in Jining of Shandong Province, is a Chinese actor and pop singer. He graduated from Tianjin Normal University majoring in broadcasting and hosting.

In 2011, he participated in the Shenzhen Satellite TV "China Pop Music Golden Bell" online competition. He also shot the cover of the fashion magazine Rui Li".

In January 2012, he joined the male group "Decision Team" and officially entered showbiz. In May, he released the group's first single "Happy Moment". In the same year, he won the championship of the "Decisive Boys" online voting event. Following that, he chose to withdraw from the team.

His acting debut kicked off in 2017 with the love mini series "Love Nagging: Season 1".
In January 2018, he won the Top 10 Rising Stars of the Year Online award in the first Golden Shark Awards. Edit Biography