Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon

Nama: Jang Dong Yoon Nama Asli: 장동윤 Kewarganegaraan: South Korean Jenis Kelamin: Male

Jang Dong Yoon is a South Korean actor under Dongyi Company. He is best known for his leading roles in the popular television series "School 2017" and "A Poem a Day". In 2015, while being a student at Hanyang University, Jang was first caught in the media for his bravery. It was reported Jang had come across a robber with a lethal weapon, threatening a convenience store clerk with a weapon in Seoul's Gwanak District, where he had devised a quick plan to have the culprit arrested. He was recognized with a commendation from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for this act of heroism. This popularity later led him to receive many casting offers.

In 2016, Jang debuted as an actor with the Naver web drama "Women at a Game Company".

He finished his military service from May 2012 to February 2014 before starting his acting career.

In 2021, "Joseon Exorcist", a show where he was one of the leading stars, was cancelled after airing 2 episodes during the controversy over historical inaccuracies, such as the incorrect use of Chinese traditional props. Actors began to delete drama-related SNS posts, and Jang was the first among the actors to post his position and apology.

His first voice acting was in the animated film “Chun Tae Il” which was released in December 2021.

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