Bi Wen Jun

Bi Wen Jun

Nama: Bi Wen Jun Nama Asli: 毕雯珺 Kewarganegaraan: Chinese Jenis Kelamin: Male

Bi Wen Jun is a Chinese singer and actor who debuted in the boy group NEXT, formerly known as NEX7, in 2018. He is managed by Yuehua Entertainment.

He was a participant in "Idol Producer Season 1" and ranked 10th place in the finals. He then debuted as an actor in the series, Sweet Tai Chi. He released his first solo single "Fist With My Heart" for the soundtrack of the drama.

Forbes China listed Bi under their 30 Under 30 China 2019 list which consisted of 30 influential people under 30 years old who have had a substantial effect in their fields.

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