Liu Shi Shi

Liu Shi Shi

Nama: Liu Shi Shi Nama Asli: 刘诗诗 Kewarganegaraan: Chinese Jenis Kelamin: Female

Liu Shi Shi, also known as Cecilia Liu, is a popular Chinese actress who graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a major in ballet. She is best known for her roles as Long Kui in the television series "Chinese Paladin 3" and Ruo Xi in the Chinese time-travel drama "Scarlet Heart". She is one of the New Four Dan Actresses (85 generation).

Liu made her acting debut in the television drama series "The Moon and the Wind" (2005). She included a segment of Swan Lake in one of her scenes.

The year 2011 saw Liu's rise in popularity with two successful dramas. She starred alongside Wallace Huo in the period action drama "The Vigilantes In Masks", which received positive reviews and led to increased popularity for Liu. She then played the female protagonist, Ruoxi, in the time travel historical romance series "Scarlet Heart" based on the novel "Bu Bu Jing Xin" by Tong Hua. Scarlet Heart became a major sleeper hit in China, and swiftly gained popularity across East Asia. Liu, then a rising actress, was propelled to stardom. Liu received several awards at local award-giving bodies for her performance, including Most Popular Actress awards at the China TV Drama Awards and Shanghai Television Festival.

Liu registered her marriage with Scarlet Heart co-star Nicky Wu on January 20, 2015, and the wedding ceremony was held in Bali, Indonesia on March 20, 2016. On April 28, 2019, Liu gave birth in Taiwan to their son. Edit Biography